Stadstriennale Hasselt Genk 5 

 5 October 2019 until 5 Januari 2020


More than ever we are connected to screens. Whether it is the small screen of our smartphone, the tablet that is lying around, the info screens in offices or public places or the TV that became smart itself over the years…screens are everywhere. Research shows that 38% of the time we are awake we are connected with a screen.



Without doubt this screen-culture has a gigantic influence on our daily life. But which impact does it have on the creation process of artists ? Do they use the internet, TV, data, or our personal glorification as inspiration in a positive, negative or neutral sense ? The SCREEN IT festival investigates the impact of the omni presence of screens on the arts. Focussing on how the artistic practice, the viewpoint of the spectator or position of the intermediary changed.

SCREEN IT is the 5th edition of Stadstriennale Hasselt-Genk. Two main exhibitions in Hasselt and Genk, will be flanked with 10 parallel events in institutions as UHasselt, CIAP, FLACC, Z33, KRIEG, PXL, LUCA and others.